Enterprising Women getting into TROUBLE: New Philanthropic Partnership to support equity for women and girls

Real Change starts with Trouble.

The unique, witty, thoughtful, unabashedly frank Trouble brand was founded in 2020 by Bari Harlam and Meredith Curren, as a way to support and supply worthy organizations with the capital they need to promote equity for women and girls. Trouble is unapologetically on a mission.

The national company, Trouble, LLC is a great fit for a fund-raising collaboration with Enterprising Women Foundation. The mission of Trouble grew directly from its creators’ life experiences as successful business people, partners and parents. While noting the general belief that ‘women have come a long way,’ they continually observed that in day-to-day life there is still a long way to go to achieve a truly level playing field. So, to address that and make a difference, they created an organization that accelerates, supports and inspires gender equity. In the short time since its inception Trouble is well on its way to achieving the lofty, year-one goal of donating $100,000 directly to their Trouble Partners in 2021.

The mission and culture of Trouble are beautifully promoted on their website, TroubleMakers.org.  The featured TroubleMakers profiled on the site represent the scope of successes and showcase the variety of contributions women are making in business, science, government and culture. Trouble spreads the word and expresses their vision on social media, too. Whether an unapologetic comment on a timely issue, or a shout-out to celebrate another achievement by a capable woman, their messaging is helping to grow the Trouble Team. The mantra is “women who cause Trouble change the world!” Entrepreneurs, educators, athletes, and all the everyday badass women who make the world go around are honored and celebrated by Trouble. By showcasing confident, competent, fearless do-ers, they endeavor to inspire and empower us all to be our best selves.

Since the beginning, 100% of profits from the sale of high-quality, branded TroubleGear are donated directly to a variety of non-profits doing important work. To date, their growing list of benefactors has included Higher Heights, Vision2020, Gift Card Bank, GirlTrek, Girls on the Run, and I Have the Right To

In keeping with the Trouble mission, all  partners in the expanding network either support, enable, facilitate or educate with a focus on equity.  They’re courageous disruptors who make good things happen in their communities. 

We couldn’t be more proud to announce that Trouble has entered into a direct donation program with Enterprising Women Foundation that ultimately will boost the nationwide work of the Young Enterprising Women Mentoring Forum program; providing opportunities for girls who aspire to careers in STEM. That’s the crucial “women helping women” work that Trouble is all about-joining forces to make the world a more equitable, inclusive place.

From June 15 through December 31, 2021, subscribers to Enterprising Women Magazine (and others in the know) who purchase TroubleGear and follow a simple protocol (below) will push 25% of revenue from that sale to the Enterprising Women Foundation. Know, too, that while Trouble swag is fun, edgy, dare-we-say-beautiful, it’s also sourced from sustainable, diverse, and socially-conscious businesses. From a versatile “Bag of Trouble” tote to their whimsical “Lead Don’t Follow” pet leash, every item is fun to give or to get, and a fabulous way to call out and recognize your favorite TroubleMakers for good.

Here’s how it works:

1. Visit the Trouble website: https://troublemakers.org/

2. Select gift items for yourself and your favorite TroubleMaker(s).

3. Add “Enterprising Women Foundation” to the “Is this a gift?” message box during checkout.  (You can also use that same box to include a gift message if you are sending to someone directly as a gift. Our team will include a hand written gift note with your personal message.)

4) Enterprising Women Foundation receives 25% of all sales made through December 31st. 


That’s all it takes to make a purposeful purchase that supports two meaningful philanthropies. Visit TroubleMakers.org  to honor your favorite TroubleMaker with a gift – it could be you!