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The Enterprising Women Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization and sister organization of Enterprising Women magazine, is hosting a series of mentoring events around the U.S. to connect outstanding high school girls with an interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) with outstanding women entrepreneurs in their local community.

"For so long, women were taught that bossy was a bad thing, when it’s actually leadership. Having this
experience to not only be encouraged to be the leader and be the boss, but to see it done in a forum that’s
only women is so powerful for my young ladies. I am so impressed with the diversity of the Enterprising
Women. Every single one of my young ladies can see themselves in the entrepreneurs. The varied backgrounds
helps them know you can be in biotech, or the sciences, or engineering, and be an entrepreneur."

Science Teacher, WISE Director, Apex Friendship High School

"Many of the girls in the program come from economically distressed areas and they do not typically have this kind
of opportunity. To expose them to a day of mentoring and STEM activities is a very big opportunity for them."

President, Cybervation

"No one ever talked to these girls about, “How can you grow? How can you make a difference for yourself?"

President, Sharon Hadary & Co.

"This conference definitely had a big impact on me personally and what I would do with the rest of my time in
high school. It helped put me on the map and get myself known to the other individuals in the community."

Computer Science Student, University of Michigan

"It’s mentoring. It’s sponsoring. It’s offering internships. It’s the scholarships. It’s the online counseling.
It’s not only helping us as individuals, but by providing the kinds of resources and our sisterhood
that allows us to use our contacts to help others."

CEO, Women Business Collaborative

"The Enterprising Women program is so incredibly important to me. I know what it means to grow up in a
food desert community and to not grow up in my own home. Having real live mentors as I was growing up would
have been extraordinary. This is a program that is going to get our girls to the next level."

President & CEO, DevMar Products, LLC